Amanda Schoeman

Amanda Schoeman

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Hi my name's Amanda. I have been on this spiritual journey for 45 years. I knew I had a sixth sense of some sort when I was a child and I have grown with it. People come into our lives to teach us something, or vice versa. I am married to a wonderful man and we have a gorgeous 17th month old boy, Zachary. I have attended many workshops to enhance my psychic ability, most times I am right, at times I can be wrong. I have given messages to people I feel need to hear something and this has been free of charge. I need a photo to look at of either someone who has passed or living and I am usually accurate in describing their personality along with other things, that is how I find it easier to connect. I work with Doreen Virtues cards. I am usually accurate in telling a person about their current situation and what they need to improve on, dealing with anxiety, depression and also Feng shui in their house. I can see some things in the past with most people and sometimes in the future. I think if you want a reading you need to be open minded and see what comes through to see if you can relate to what is being said or not.

Times available:

9am til 6pm Wednesday and Thursdays

10am til 1pm Saturday and Sundays

Readings done through messenger or skype