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Angela Holistic Therapies

Angela has over 20 years massage therapy experience, 8 years Reiko Practitioner (including 8 months as a Reiko Teacher) and 2 years Tarot card reading.  Specializing in massage and Reiki. And enjoys teaching.

Her passion is to help others remove blocks; heal past wounds to allow growth/healing and development to move forward and step into the right path with confidence.  To help improve mental and emotional health.

“Though my life’s experiences I have experienced anxiety and depression, finding it tough to navigate my way through life and using alcohol and drugs to cope as a young adult. I came to a point where I needed help. I discovered Reiko and was able to begin my healing journey, which then allowed my intuitive skills to develop.”

“I use my intuition, Reiki and massage skills to bring about healing and guidance for others.”

With Angela’s readings, she tunes into the persons energies, then looks at where they are now and sees what energy is showing to be present in their near future.   Then offers any guidance that may come through.

With her healings, she connects with the person’s energy then allows the Reiko energy to guide her to where they require healing.   Then offers guidance if asked or if she is shown to.

“I offer a caring, honest approach to help people to the highest of these good.”



Kim V “I recommend Angela she is an amazing healer and an intuitive card reader”

Marie M “I have received regular Reiki from Angela as I suffer anxiety and depression.  I find Reiki so soothing, relaxing and calming.   I find Angela’s skills amazing, respectful and I trust her totally and highly recommend.”

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