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Which Crystal is for me?

When choosing a crystal, you need to trust your intuition. You may find that you are drawn to them by colour or feeling. It might be the eye that attracts you to the right crystal or a tingle you feel when you are holding it. My preferred way in assisting customers is to ask a question... "If you were walking through the garden, which colour flower would you pick?" Now before you answer, you must first have the person who the crystal is for, in your mind/thoughts. Or the reason you are choosing a crystal. Have your intentions clear and then ask the question as you look here at our garden of flowers.

You can select your crystals on our website by colour, name or you may want to choose one from your Zodiac star sign. I have always felt that it is more important to choose the crystal and then read its meaning.

Crystals work like colour therapy on the body. Remember, if you are worried about your health always seek medical advice first. Crystals may help enhance your quality of life. They have been known to bring enjoyment and may also help to brighten your day.

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