Janet Thomson

Janet Thomson

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Janet Thomson

Spiritual Educator

Available for Readings and Past Life Healings.

Helping you find solutions for your life.  We all have answers within.  Sometimes we need help to find those answers or to know the right questions to ask.

 Janet helps people understand when we make a choice it creates a powerful direction of accomplishment.  The key is to make the healthy choice, that is how our Angels can assist us with our choices.  Janet has consciously been on her mystical journey to understand herself and the world around her for over 40 years.  “My philosophy has been since a teenager that every person I meet becomes a part of our experience together, being able to work with Spirit and help others has been an enormous privilege and blessing in my life.  Therefore I have always sort out the best tools I know to help others and myself.”

Find solutions for:

Learning to work with your Angels clearly.

Getting answers form your Angels to help you make decisions based on what is right for you.

Finding out what Spiritual gift you communicate with your Angels and the world.

Indecision about your future direction in your life.

Pinpointing areas of confusion in your life and where they are coming from.

Healing of confusion that affects personal health, relationships and business practices.

INSTORE Tuesday 10am til 2pm.  Thursday 4pm til 6pm.  Other days/times by appointment.

Janet also runs classes.  Email janet.thomson@xtra.co.nz for more information.  Or phone 027 4808850
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