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Information about Natural Himalayian Salt Lamps

Salt lamps have been known to help reduce the smell of animals, smoking, chemicals, mold and mildew or allergens such as pollen, dust and airborne bacteria. They have been effective int he home or work place. Also great benefit to have one near your computer. They plug into a standard powerpoint.

Salt lamps attract the moisture and the warmth of the light aids in drying. Freshen up your home today with a natural salt lamp. Improve the quality of the air in your home or work place with a natural salt lamp. The soft illumination of the glowing light freshens the air and awakens your senses. Our salt lamps are also known to have an energetic kick that others can oftenn lack. This is possiably an effect of better natural ionization and the effective quality of our salt crystals. Simple to use. Each lamp comes a with lead and bulb. Plug into your power point and enjoy.

If you have experienced the fresh air at a waterfall or mountain top then you have experienced the results of negative ions. The air smells fresher and is much easier to breathe. A salt lamp in your home or work can help create some of that alive feeling. The soft clow of the lamp will create an enchanting environment that will freshen the air and inspire your imagination.

Our salt lamps make ideal night lights. They have low watt bulbs and a soft glow. And do not overheat when touched. You may also find that your furry friends like to lick them. (We can also get animal salt blocks.) The feel good restful colour promotes a good nights sleep.

All our lamps are handcrafted and uniquely different. No two lamps are exactly the same. So the colour, style, sie and shape can vary from lamp to lamp. The craftspeople are all masters in their trade.

Research states that when a salt lamp is heated silghtly, it will generate negative ions. These are actually positive for the environment. It is important to remember that any salt lamp, under no9rmal conditions, will only generate negative ions when it is turned on. Salt lamps will last indefinitely as long as they are not exposed to excessive moisture. They work best left on 24/7. The bulbs are very low watt. If you turn your salt lamp off for long periods of time, please remove the cord and wrap the lamp in a plastic bag.

Instructions are included in the box with every salt lamp purchased. You can have complete confidence that your are receiving the purest salt crystals in the world and the finest quality in craftsmanship and artistic beauty.

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