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Sonia Wilson - Sagacious

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Sonia Wilson from Sagacious - For Tarot or Oracle Card readings and healings.  Receive answers to past/present/challenges and advice. "My readings focus on the energy of the cards.  Predictive, prescriptive and practical loving advice to help you move forward in a positive way.  Enjoy my inspirational energy and be uplifted and refocused."

"I also provide relaxing/rejuvenating healing for the mind, body and soul using kinesiology and reflexology techniques."

A Meridian is a pathway of energy. 

The pathways follow acupuncture points which are electromagnetic in nature.

Stress of any kind will overload our system and our system can be reset by running the meridians and reinstating the energy flow.

The meridian lines are run with an open hand about an inch out from the body in the direction of the Meridian (Meridians are all over the body and could for instance run up the centre back and over the top if the head).

With exception of a light touch at the end of the Meridian line the hand does  not touch the body...this is a very relaxing and rejuvenating therapy.

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