Trevor Nelley

Trevor Nelley

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Trevor connects to Spirit to bring you guidance, confirmation, opportunities and healing. Helping with the past present and future. Using Tarot or Oracle cards, depending on what the client needs. 

"Tarot reading is my forte. I also do some psychic work and psychometry.  I'm open enough to whatever the spirits send through." Trevor has known since he was a child that he had a special relationship with the spirit world. The spiritual world works in so many different ways."

Trevor is known for his black and white readings. "Spirit will give you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear." He also does House Cleansings.

You may need a House cleansing if you feel uneasy in your own home, or the children are not sleeping. A room in your house may feel very cold, even though it gets the sun all day. It may be that there's a lost spirit there who does not realise that they have actually died. You never know what has happened to the land many years ago.  There are many signs. These are just a couple of them. Trevor will come in and tune into Spirit and cleanse the area and reset the energies for you.

Available for face to face readings, email readings and house cleansings.  Available most afternoons/evenings by appointment.

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